About Sheila Rose

Sheila Rose

Hi, my name is Sheila and I help people to connect with Spirit, through art. Art is a multifaceted tool for healing!

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 I am a natural empath, clairvoyant, fine artist, and therapeutic arts counsellor.  My qualifications reflect a life long journey and educational process.  To see my YouTube channel please click here.

Yes, I did go to “art school” and yes, I do have a huge pile of certificates! For more details of these, keep reading…

In 2003 I became an affiliate member of the Clairsentient Body, and organisation that recognises the Sacred Sensitivity of the gift of Empathy. In 2005 I took a year to study painting, ceramics, fabrics and 3D design, alongside studying Art History at the Open University for four years.

In 2008 “Tribal Angel” was launched, a business designed to bring colour into the communication between us (physical beings) and the unseen worlds.  My work has led me to do countless oracle readings, and Guardian Angel portraits.  I have taught and mentored those who wish to develop their sensitivities. Learning is an ongoing and collective process, and I believe that we all learn and grow together for the highest good of all.

2015 saw a huge change for me as I took on a masters degree in Therapeutic Arts Counselling. Alongside this I also studied conventional psychotherapy models and have qualifications and experience in working with young people with special educational needs. Achieving new levels of self understanding through the medium of art allowed me to take my work into the greater public. Currently, my expertise is in bringing unseen, multidimensional beings into a physical representation using paint. Working with a wide range of people enables me to practice the deepest compassion for all humanity. 

As for my own relaxation I also paint! Watercolour flowers help me to focus on the beauty of this world, whilst absorbing the healing benefits of vibrant colours.

Showcasing my paintings

Every day I find a way to connect to the intuitive link that joins us all – Love.  The heart is like a vehicle that can travel and carry us wherever we need to be in any moment.  Unity consciousness allows us all to access information on any topic at any time. 

Once we understand how to access what we need, we have to bring it into the physical world in a language that is understandable to our peers.  Images have no language barrier.  So I choose to express mainly in images.  When I paint, I am bringing something of the unseen world into the physical world.  The quality is without words, a presence that gives comfort to the receiver.