Why do children paint rainbows?

When children paint rainbows, they are healing themselves.  However, they wouldn’t verbalise it that way. They just love the sensation that comes with applying the full spectrum colour.  So what is happening when they do this? Some findings: In therapeutic terms, they are creating a salutogenetic image.  The word “Salutogenesis” comes from the Latin “salus”… Continue reading Why do children paint rainbows?

Spiritual Growing Pains

Experiencing our spiritual awakening from the lies we’ve been fed is exciting isn’t it? Realising the power of our consciousness, and our ability to attract what we want – instead of mindlessly accepting what we’ve been told. It brings up an enormous amount of possibilities for a life that is filled with joy. But how… Continue reading Spiritual Growing Pains

Accessing Spiritual Gifts

Do I have spiritual gifts? From my point of view as an intuitive artist, I would say that the answer is yes, everyone does.  But not everyone knows how to recognise the gifts or what to do with them.  For example, do you ever get the sense that you know something without knowing how you… Continue reading Accessing Spiritual Gifts