Why do children paint rainbows?

When children paint rainbows, they are healing themselves.  However, they wouldn’t verbalise it that way. They just love the sensation that comes with applying the full spectrum colour.  So what is happening when they do this?

Some findings:

In therapeutic terms, they are creating a salutogenetic image.  The word “Salutogenesis” comes from the Latin “salus” meaning health and the Greek “genesis” meaning origin.  

It was first developed by a professor of medical sociology, Aaron Antonovsky.  The term describes an approach to health that focuses on well-being. This is a different focus to looking at symptoms of disease.  It is a research tool that has implications in every level of healthcare.  

How it works:

A simple online search will show many results. These results highlight the vast benefits salutogenesis, right from childbirth to retirement.  It focuses on developing a person’s sense of inner coherence. With a stronger sense of self, one can build resilience.

Antonovsky believed that it is possible for people to achieve health and well-being – despite exposure to potentially disabling stress factors.  After all, stress is ubiquitous in human experience.  And perhaps now with the residual effects of the pandemic still at play, people need relief from stress, more than ever.

How to apply this knowledge:

Painting, (especially using the full spectrum) is one way to uplift our spirits.  Likewise having a painting in the home that displays rainbow colours, can be a reminder of the beauty, and healing aspects of colour.  As a lifelong psychic artist, I can attest to the healing benefits of art especially when done regularly over time.  In my journey, I have learned to harness the power of art and psychic abilities and present to the world a manifestation of otherworldly beings.  

These come through to me firstly from my intention to connect with them and secondly through the skills of drawing and painting.  First, I do a sketch of the Highly evolved being, and then apply colour using layers of watercolour.  Watercolour helps to enhance the emotional connection with Spirit, and the paintings take on a life of their own.  

Can anyone do it?

These gifts and skills are not unique to me.  There are many now who are discovering the power of art, especially when in partnership with Spirit.  For my own position regarding this, I feel confident that my skills have developed to a very high standard.  This has been achieved through my own continuous self-study in taking courses (online and in person), as well as acquiring a masters degree in Transpersonal Arts. 

Should you choose to have an intuitive art experience with me, you would benefit from all the years of self-development that I’ve poured into this goal.  And the result would be a beautiful painting for you that carries a specific message (whether that be visual or verbal) of love and guidance from Spirit.  

So let’s begin this journey, contact me now!