Bespoke Spirit Guides

Commission your own Painting of your Guardian Angel + Package:

Watercolour & Pencil Portrait on 300gsm cotton paper blend:

Size :Price:*
A3£350 .00
*Payments can be spread to make it easier for you. Contact me to discuss

This is a journey that we will go on together

In this journey we will meet your guide, and get to know them

Through the power of a channeled painting

Your guide will come into physical representation!

Begin this Journey now…


  • Skype/Facetime or face to face consultation (one hour)
  • Original Watercolour painting
  • (takes approx 2-4 weeks)
  • Size A4 upward
  • Channeled messages from Guardian Angel either written or spoken
  • Photograph and video of painting development
  • Guided meditation on connecting with your guide
  • Optional merchandise such as a mug (separate link)

Doesn’t Include:

Mount and Frame or Post/ Packaging (price varies greatly depending on location)

How it works:

Step 1: Decide to connect with your Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel.

Step 2: Get in touch so we can discuss your requirements. This can be done via my contact page or through email (

Step 3: I will hold your hand (in spirit) and we will co-create this beautiful experience together. Allow me to connect with your spirit guides and bring forward what needs to be revealed.

ENJOY this magical time!!