Accessing Spiritual Gifts

Do I have spiritual gifts?

From my point of view as an intuitive artist, I would say that the answer is yes, everyone does.  But not everyone knows how to recognise the gifts or what to do with them.  For example, do you ever get the sense that you know something without knowing how you know?  Have you had premonitions?  Does your gut instinct lead you in the right direction again and again?

spiritual gifts

But maybe you’re uncertain how to harness these spiritual gifts. Or perhaps it even frightens you a little. Perhaps you are interested in exploring your intuitive side but don’t know where to start?

Many of my clients already have a sense of being different, and having spiritual gifts.  They may have sensed their own spirit guides or had unexplainable experiences.  They may have embraced these abilities, but still be in the process of learning to trust them.

 As we become more aware of our spiritual gifts, we receive many ‘nudges’ from the Universe, which become increasingly difficult to ignore. 

Understanding the different terminologies:

First, there is a difference in certain spiritual gifts and abilities, which make a difference in how we experience our life purpose, and how we can use them to help people.  These differences are about how we experience the world around us, and where our interests are.  For example, someone who loves music and sound healing, may also have the gift of hearing spiritual messages in songs.

There are eight categories of sixth sense, known as the ‘clairs’. 


‘Clear seeing’, refers to receiving messages in visual form. For instance, seeing objects, symbols, colours, people or locations as projections on their mind’s eye.  Clairvoyance is governed by the Third-Eye chakra, located between the eyebrows.  It’s the most popular spiritual gift because of the directness of receiving a vision.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case it really is! As a psychic artist, this of course is my favourite.


‘Clear feeling’: describes the psychic feeling the sensations of a situation or person. Clairsentience is ruled by the lower chakras, including the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart.  People with this gift will feel the world through emotions and gut feelings.  They will also pick up on other people’s emotions, (feeling them as if they were their own) which can make this gift a challenging one to have.  


‘Clear hearing’: This is information gathered audibly, such as music, spoken words, tones of voice or other sounds.


‘Clear smelling’, this person would experience spiritual information in the form of smells.  Smells can trigger many emotions and memories within a person, such as the perfume of their loved one.  People with this spiritual gift may be drawn to aromatherapy and other healing modalities using smell.


‘Clear tasting’, is a taste (or memory of a taste) that is triggered during a spiritual experience.  This can give information to the person about a situation.


‘Clear knowing’, people with this gift have an innate sense of knowing.  They just “know” what they know, without needing to question how they know it.


‘Clear touch’, this gift is a receiving of information through the body via touch.  Energy is transferred through the hand and into the mind of the person.  People who are interested in palm reading might have this ability.  It can also be used when touching plants, animals, or even inanimate objects.


‘Clear emotions’, like Clairsentience, this ability has to do with emotions.  People with this gift can feel emotions around a given situation and thereby determine the truth.

Signs that you’re receiving messages from Spirit:

Here are some common indicators:

  1. Experiencing any of the “clairs” as mentioned above.
  2. Experiences in meditation that words cannot describe.  During meditation practice, we become relaxed enough to experience what is on the other side of the veil. If during meditation you feel like you leave your body and go on an adventure, you’re putting your spiritual gifts into action!
  3. Dreams: This is one of the most prevalent signs of awakening to your spiritual gifts. The subconscious mind can deliver the messages and guidance by directly bypassing the logical mind. Dreams might also prove to be prophetic.
  4. Experiencing frequent synchronicities: This is a sure sign that spirit is working with you and guiding you on your life’s path.  Synchronicities could include signs such as seeing repeated numbers everywhere, or thinking about someone and then they phone you.  
  5. A heightened interest in spiritual tools.  This could be oracle cards, symbolism, archetypes, or dream interpretation. Are you being drawn to areas of esoteric knowledge? This could be a hint to expand your awareness.
  6. Repeated incidents of déjà vu.
  7. Premonitions.  Having a feeling that you know what is about to happen or what someone is about to say.

Particular moments in a person’s life could awaken spiritual gifts:

  1. Having an oracle reading with a gifted reader.
  2. Meeting one or more members of your spiritual team such as your main spirit guide.  Knowing that there are entities who are constantly guiding you through this earth journey is a wonderful way to enhance your experience of spirit.  You don’t have to do this alone, and you can call on your guides whenever you need to.
  3. Dark night of the Soul.  Sometimes we need a big shake up to realise our true spiritual connection.  When everything that seems solid and secure is falling apart, it can trigger deep questioning about the meaning of life, and about who we are.
  4. Death of a loved one.  During this time of heightened emotions, and due to the love connection, people often experience some kind of unexplainable visitation by the person who has crossed over.
  5. Regular meditation.  People who habitually meditate might also experience spiritual connection. Meditation helps to fine tune the mind to subtle nuances.
  6. Reiki or other attunement.  Most energy healing initiations  and also sacred ceremonies can open the crown charka – our link to the divine and spirit – and therefore can awaken latent spiritual abilities.

OK, so I have spiritual gifts within me… now what?

Firstly, this is something to celebrate!  Recognising your true spiritual essence means that you can approach this earth journey from a completely different viewpoint.  You will feel liberated from certain constraints that are dictated by a materialistic view.  For one thing, you will start to realise that death is nothing to be afraid of, and that the life on the other side of the veil is abundant and benevolent!

Also, you are one of many people who are awakening to their true spiritual nature, and there is plenty of help and support for you when you reach out to the right people

In the beginning, it is not uncommon for people to be afraid of their spiritual gifts or even to try to hide it to fit in.  However, as you work with your spiritual nature, and not against it, you will find that your intuition is far more reliable than any logic that can be offered by the mind.  And of course, you will be guided!

Spirit Guide Experience

To get you started on this journey, you could have an invigorating Spirit Guide experience with me.  I have helped hundreds of people to find out who their main guide is, and how to connect with them.  Using my skills of intuitive art, I will begin by tuning in with your energy and asking permission to see your guides.  Then once the link is established, I will bring them through in a painting.  The painting will make it very obvious to you what they look like, as I like to capture as much detail as possible.  All the whilst I am painting, I will receive information for you directly from your guide.

This will all be relayed to you in our consultation, in which you will also have an opportunity to ask your guide direct questions.  These questions could be about your mission here on planet earth, or about loved ones.  From there you will be given a meditation that you can follow to continue the conversation with your guide.  It’s a relationship that will enhance your earth experience greatly, and you can have as much or as little of this guidance as you feel you need.  So embrace your spiritual gifts and shine your light into the world!  


  1. Would love to find out what all gifts an awaken my gifts as well as see an talk to my spiritual guides

    1. Hi Alexis! It’s a beautiful journey to know your guides… I can certainly assist you with this. I’ll email you!

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