I help conscious people to
connect with their guardian angel
by channeling and painting.

Have you ever wondered if you have a guardian angel?

Or perhaps you know you have one (or some) but you are not quite sure how to connect with them or what they are trying to tell you.

Maybe you feel that your guardian is some mysterious being that you will never meet.

Have you ever been in a moment of crisis and you don’t know who to turn to?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could turn straight to your guardian, and have comfort and signs?

Well…. what if I told you that developing a relationship with your guide is not only possible, but you can see them with your physical eyes… represented in a painting!

You could have access to your guardian in a practical way that will change your life forever.


Would you like that relationship can start today?

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In this website, I hope to share with the others the magic of colour and form. Please note that all images are watermarked, if you would like to buy prints or originals, please contact me. The paintings you will see employ a variety of mediums such as oil paint or watercolour. Each medium has it’s own strengths merits for creating a mood, and when displayed together they tell their own story.

Visionary art creates a bridge between physical and non-physical worlds, where anyone can open up to possibilities of what is around us… If you allow your imagination to take hold, life will become an enchanted journey… join me in my dreams, my trip to fantasy. Where the lines of reality become softened, and the gold just might be at the end of the (rainbow) paintbrush!

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