I help people to heal and connect to Spirit through Art.

Have you ever felt like you’re different to everyone else…

Cut off, separate or even lonely?

What if I told you that these feelings could be replaced with:


Certainty and Purpose!

Connecting directly with your Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides

Can bring you PEACE AND JOY!

It’s a relationship that you can have right now…

As a Clarivoyant, I can see your guides around you,

and I know that YOU ARE LOVED!

With the magic of my paintbrush, your Guide could be revealed

In just two weeks…

you could be gazing into the eyes that watch over you!

Furthermore, you will have tools to connect

and receive guidance on subjects such as:

  • Life Purpose
  • Overcoming addictions
  • Personal relationships
  • Love

So what are you waiting for?

You are just one decision away from this beautiful relationship.

Some examples of previous Spirit Guide Portraits:

Call on Divine Guidance!


In this website, I hope to share with the others the magic of colour and form. Please note that all images are watermarked, if you would like to buy prints and originals, click here.

Visionary art creates a bridge between physical and non-physical worlds, where anyone can open up to possibilities of what is around us… If you allow your imagination to take hold, life will become an enchanted journey.